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The CHEMTROL® CT110 is an easy-to-use digital controller that offers control of conductivity (or TDS) and up to three (3) chemical feed programs (for scale/corrosion inhibitors, biocides, etc).

It features a large 8-line LCD display for easy monitoring and operation.

ORP or pH controls are available as an option with calculation of the Langelier Saturation index (LSI) for monitoring of the water balance.



The CHEMTROL® CT110 controller is an easy-to-use but sophisticated digital controller designed for control of conductivity (Total Dissolved Solids) and programmable addition of chemical additives - such as inhibitors, biocides, dispersants, etc. Applications include cooling towers, boilers, and other industrial applications.

pH control with display of the Langelier Satutation Index (LSI) is recommended as an option.

It is easy to install and operate. All menus are displayed on the LCD graphic display screen. Entries are easily made with the 5 keys conveniently located on the front panel. Each unit is supplied with a comprehensive 40-page instruction manual with schematics of installation and menu flow charts.

All CHEMTROL® controllers are covered by a FIVE-YEAR electronics warranty backed up by our network of factory-trained Qualified Dealers.


The CHEMTROL® CT110 controller includes the following standard features:
  • Large 8-line LCD display for easy monitoring and operation
  • Conductivity or TDS control with choice of bleed programs.
  • Temperature monitoring.
  • Automatic calculation of the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) for water balance.
  • Five separate feed programs for up to three (3) chemical additives (inhibitor, biocide, etc.)
    •   manual  
    •   bleed-and-feed  
    •   bleed-then-feed               
    •   cycle timer
    •   daily schedule
  •   "Booster" chemical feed program to schedule a delayed one-time feed event
  •   Low chemical level alarm (based on accumulated run time of  feed outlet)
  •   Makeup and bleed watermeter input
  •   Dynamic probe testing with sensor failure warning.
  •   Differential signal amplification for added stability.
  •   Choice of 1 or 2-point calibration for all sensors.
  •   Automatic data logging with USB port for data download.

Optional features include:

  •   pH monitoring/control with acid/base control or
  •   ORP control option with automatic oxidizer or reducer feed
  •   on-board data logging with adjustable intervals
  •   USB interface for datalog download
  •   Remote computer operation in true duplex  mode with graphic display of data under WindowsTM.

Features available on other CHEMTROL® CT controllers include:

  •   ORP control for oxidizing sanitizer or biocide.
  •   Automatic probe rinse program to clean sensors.
  •   Make-up & bleed watermeter totalizers.
  •   Automatic water level control.
  •   Influent and effluent pressure monitoring at the heat exchanger.
  •   Filter control with choice of backwash programs.


The CHEMTROL® CT110 controller operates like a computer with an LCD screen display and direct access to all menus and submenus. The front panel keypad is used to move up and down each menu and enter or exit the submenus. All operating functions can be easily modified from the keypad, including sensor calibration, control setpoints, alarm levels and the different feed programs.

With the Remote Operations feature, all facilities can be monitored by remote computer. This allows real-time supervision by management and remote troubleshooting by a CHEMTROL® Qualified Dealer or by the factory support department. The remote operation option makes it possible to control all operating functions from a remote PC computer.

NOTE: The voice telephone communications option is available on the CHEMTROL® CT3000 and CHEMTROL ® CT6000 Controllers.


Installation of the CHEMTROL® CT110 controller is quite simple, as shown on the schematics below.

To further facilitate installation, every controller comes with a detailed instruction and operation manual.

To assure proper water sampling and sensor performance, it is highly recommended to install the optional Flow Cell Assembly (Option FCA).

For more information, please consult your CHEMTROL® Qualified Dealer or contact us by email at




Technical brochures are always available free of charge by calling our office. For faster service, you can print good quality customer brochures on your own printer from the following Acrobat file.


Technical brochures are always available free of charge by calling our office. For faster service, you can print good quality customer brochures on your own printer from the following Acrobat file.

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