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Feed Control Multiple control modes for all relays:  Manual, Automatic, Bleed-and-Feed, Bleed-then-Feed, Cycle Timer, Percent of Flow, Daily Schedule

Booster feed program to schedule a delayed one-time feed event

Calibration 1, 2 or 3 points
Langelier Saturation Index Continuous calculation, scaling and corrosion alerts
Shock Program Automatic ORP shock treatment schedule (ORPCT option)
Chemical level Low chemical level alarm (based on cumm. run-time)
Probe Failure Analysis Dynamic Probe Testing with sensor failure warning for ORP and pH (ORPCT and pHCT options)
Data Logging On-board memory for 1,000 tests
Data Printing Real-time with data logging or downloading from storage memory
Languages English, French and Spanish menus
Units US and metric systems
Passwords Security protection with ten 5-digit codes with 3 different access levels
Clock 24-hour universal clock/calendar
Battery Maintains all settings in case of power shutdown
Warranty Five (5) years warranty on PC boards



  • Conductivity readout in microsiemens/cm or TDS readout in ppm or mg/l with programmable bleed valve control
  • Temperature readout in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius,
  • Chemical additives feed controls (4 separate relays)
  • Make-up and Bleed watermeter totalizers
  • Sensor cleaning with programmable acid wash control,
  • Remote alarm (hot or dry contacts),
  • On-board data logging of key parameters with RS-232 serial communication port
  • Rain and splatter proof NEMA Type 4X fiberglass cabinet (13x11")




  • pH readout with programmable acid and base feed controls,
  • ORP readout in millivolts with programmable oxidizer feed control,
  • Water Level control with automatic fill valve control,
  • Influent & effluent pressure with adjustable alarms,
  • Data Communications Modem and CHEMCOM® remote computer software for Windows,
  • Voice Telephone communication: Alarm Callouts to six(6) memory-stored numbers and telephone status reporting
  • 4-20mA signal output for conductivity, pH, ORP, and temperature channels.
  • Flow switch line with safety flow switch, sampling valve OR Bypass line with safety flow switch, sampling valve, in-line filter, flow meter, and two control valves.

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