Dos Pueblos High School

Goleta, California

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Shown below is a CHEMTROL® PC6000 Integrated Controller installed on the outdoor pool at Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta, California.

The sensors for ORP, pH, conductivity and temperature are mounted inside a sensor cell cabinet with a clear window cover. The bypass line is fully instrumented with a paddle-wheel flow switch, an in-line flowmeter and a spigot for water testing. The digital flowmeter can be seen on the main recirculation line below the panel.


The next photo shows the bank of three horizontal sand filters under filter control for automatic backwashing by the CHEMTROL® PC6000.


The valve cabinet shown below contains the three hydraulic valves used for backwashing. The influent and effluent pressures can be read on the pressure gauges shown above the valves. Both pressures are also displayed and monitored by the CHEMTROL® PC6000 controller using input from the two pressure transducers located on the main line before and after the filters.