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The CHEMTROL® PC controllers store up to 1,000 sets of test data in an internal memory. This data includes the key parameters for chemistry (ORP, PPM, pH, Temperature, Conductivity) and filtration (Flow Rate and Pressure). It can be downloaded to a portable or local computer for permanent record.

The new version 4.0 of the CHEMTROL® PC program now allows immediate on-screen display of all the data stored in memory, as shown on the right.

This makes it easy for the pool operator to review the data log inmmediately without the need to download it to a computer. It facilitates proper management of pool operations.


To access the display, scroll down to the last line on the Main Menu and press the Right Arrow. On the next screens, select Operations, Print Reports and View Reports.

The data is displayed as shown on the sample on the right. Use the Down and Up Arrows to view the different lines of data. Use the Right and Left Arrows to see additional data on the same line.


This new feature is now available as an upgrade for all existing CHEMTROL® PC 3000 and PC6000 controllers. Please contact you dealer or our office for details.

It will be shipped as a standard feature on all new orders of CHEMTROL® PC 3000, PC5000 and PC6000 controllers.


Upon receipt of your order to upgrade an existing controller, we can send you two microchips with the newest version 4.0 of the controller program.

Installation is very simple, as it only requires replacing the two software chips on the motherboard behind the face panel.

NOTE: Make sure to turn off all power to the controller before opening the front panel and handle the microchips with care.


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