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The following is a selection of technical papers published in scientific and trade magazines by CHEMTROL® staff members and other writers.
"PPM and ORP Control
Now you can have both!

SBCS Publications
September 2003
"ORP Control in Pools and Spas"
SBCS Publications
November 1998
"ORP Sensor Response in Chlorinated Water"
NSPI Water Chemistry Symposium
Phoenix, AZ (1996)
"ORP Testing and Chemical Automation for Swimming Pools and Spas"
Journal of the National Environmental
Health Association (NEHA)
June 1990
"PPM or ORP: Which Should Be Used?"
Swimming Pool / Spa Age
November 1985
"The ORP Standard"
Sylvia Tiersten
Pool and Spa News
October 1985.

You can view and print the above papers now using Adobe Acrobat Reader free software. If you don't have Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can download it from:

Reprints for the following other papers are also available upon request by email to or toll-free by phone at 800-621-2279.

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