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The CHEMTROL® PC4000 Controller is a filter control system that offers automatic pump and filter control with a choice of automatic backwash programs and full remote access by computer with true duplex operation.

It introduces a new standard of sophistication in automated water treatment for many applications such as swimming pools, spas, cooling towers and industrial water treatment.

The filter controller can be interface with all CHEMTROL® PC Chemistry Controllers to create a completely integrated water management system.



Installation of the CHEMTROL® PC4000 Automatic Filter Backwash controller is quite simple, as shown on the schematics below.  To facilitate specification and field-installation, links to the schematic drawings are offered below in several formats: to be printed directly on a printer (acrobat reader pdf) or to be inserted directly into CAD drawings (AutoCAD format).

Schematic of Installation


Links to the drawings are listed below to support architects and engineers for preparation of their Requests for Bids.  Several formats are offered so that they can be easily viewed/printed directly on a printer (Acrobat Reader format) or inserted directly into CAD drawings (AutoCad format).


Filter Screen The Filter Menu is used to program the backwash schedule based on time cycle or on pressure differential.

Multiple filters are backwashed in sequence with adjustable backwash and advance time for each filter.

The menu selections include:
  • Backwash Mode
    • Manual
    • Automatic
  • Backwash Start Date
  • Backwash Start Time
  • Backwash Duration per filter
  • Advance Time between filters
  • Number of filters
  • Limit Timer for backwash operation
  • Pump override option if pump is not turned on.

The CHEMTROL® PC4000 is a sophisticated controller that incorporates automated control of filtration with choice of backwash programs for single or multiple filters. All menus are displayed in clear language in English, French or Spanish with choice of US or metric units. Each unit is supplied with a comprehensive operation manual, on-site startup and training by a Qualified Dealer, plus a FIVE-YEAR electronics warranty.

With the communications package, all facilities can be monitored either by remote computer or by telephone. This allows real-time supervision by management and remote troubleshooting by a CHEMTROL® Qualified Dealer or by the factory support department. The remote operation option features true duplex remote control by PC computer under Windows software, including bakground operation while running other programs.


SCREEN DISPLAY 8 lines @ 22 characters
TEMPERATURE READOUT 0 to140 F (-18 to 60C)
SENSOR CALIBRATION 1, 2 or 3 points
CONTROL MODE Off, Manual, Auto, Timer, Schedule
Pressure Differential
Time or Pressure
Time and Pressure
ALARMS Visual and audio alarms
DATA LOGGING On-board memory for up to 999 tests
RS-232 communication port for local download and printing
REMOTE OPERATION Data communication modem
CHEMCOM® software and graphic data display
ELECTRICAL 10 A / 110 or 230V with selector switch
All output relays 5A
WARRANTY 5 year electronics
1 year sensors
MECHANICAL NEMA 4X fiberglass cabinet
13x11x6 1/2 in (34x29x17 cm)
Controller 24x18x18 in / 60x45x45 cm (40 lbs/18 kg)
Water Level 72x12x12 in / 180x30x30 cm (54 lbs/25 kg)



  • Single or Sequential filter backwash
  • Recirculation Pump control
  • Flow Rate monitoring and totaling
  • Influent / Effluent Pressure Transducers
  • Waste and Surge Pit alarms
  • Heater control
  • Automatic data logging
  • Remote alarms


  • Remote computer operation
  • 4-20 mA data ouput
  • Automatic water level control



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