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A new PPM Controller

The CHEMTROL® PC5000 Controller is a programmable control system that features true Free Chlorine control in addition to ORP and pH control.

Also included are control of conductivity or TDS, water balance with Langelier Index, temperature and heater control.



The CHEMTROL® PC5000 controller features a unique solid-state PPM SENSOR that generates easy-to-use, direct and reliable readings of Free Chlorine concentration in water.

Unlike conventional amperometric sensors, this sensor is simple to install and highly reliable. It includes a special flow cell and is not affected by oxidizers and orcyanuric stabilizers.

For the first time in automated water treatment, the combination of PPM and ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) sensors gives the operator the capability to control either chlorine residual or oxidizing activity. This also makes it ideal for control of a separate oxidizer in the Automated Chloramine Treatment (ACT) program.


The CHEMTROL® PC5000 controller adds automatic PPM control to all the features of the CHEMTROL® PC3000 including automatic control of water chemistry, water balance, water saturation and heater, all with full remote duplex capability. The user-friendly Main Screen display enables the operator to supervise all the process functions at a glance and to quickly respond to any changing condition.

The controller operates like a computer with full-screen displays and direct access to all menus and submenus. The front panel keypad is used to move up and down each menu and enter or exit the submenus. All operating functions can be easily modified from the keypad, including sensor calibration, control setpoints, alarm levels and the programs for superchlorination, sequential backwashing, chemical saving and energy saving.

With the communications package, any number of facilities can be monitored either by remote computer or by telephone. This allows real-time supervision by management and remote troubleshooting by a CHEMTROL® Qualified Dealer or by factory technical support. The remote operation option features true duplex remote control by PC computer under Windows software, including bakground operation while running other programs. The voice telephone option includes status reports, operational control and automatic callout with voice message to up to three different phone numbers in case of emergency.


PPM Sensor Solid state sensor with selective membrane for Free Chlorine
Feed Control Manual, ON/OFF, Proportional Feed, Timer
Calibration 1, 2 or 3 points
Langelier Index Scaling and corrosion alert
Shock Program Superchlorination and dechlorination
Savings Chemical and energy saver programs
Failure Analysis Dynamic Probe Testing with sensor failure warning for ORP and pH
Data Logging On-board memory for 1,000 tests
Data Printing Real-time with data logging or downloading from storage memory
Languages English, French and Spanish menus
Units US and metric systems
Passwords Security protection with ten 5-digit codes with 3 different access levels
Clock 24-hour universal clock/calendar
Battery Maintains all settings in case of power shutdown
Warranty Five (5) years warranty on PC boards





To display submenus, click on blue square dots.

PC5000 Screen

The Main Display Screen of the CHEMTROL® PC5000 Programmable Controller gives direct access to all the menus and submenus. Navigation between the menus and inside the menus is easily accomplished with the four directional arrow keys. Numerical settings can be changed with the ten-key keypad.

The ORP MENU includes selection of the control mode (Off, Manual, Auto or Timer), sensor calibration (1, 2 or 3 points), setpoint level, high and low alarms, shocking and chemical saver programs. It also displays the run time for the current feed event and cumulative run time. Shock treatment can be initiated manually or under programmable weekly or multi-weekly schedules.

The SANITIZER MENU is used to control the chlorine or bromine level in terms of sanitizer concentration (parts per million or milligrams/liter), obtained from the PPM sensor. The sanitizer concentration readings can be calibrated to account for the effect of cyanuric acid stabilization. Superchlorination can be initiated manually or under programmable weekly or multi-weekly schedules.

The pH MENU is used in the same way to select the pH control parameters using either acid or base feed or both. It also includes an Acid Wash program for periodic injection of an acid rinse solution to clean the heads of the sensors.


Proper control of saturation and water balance is required to maintain water quality and to avoid the development of scaling or corrosive conditions.

The Conductivity sensor monitors the concentration of dissolved solids by measuring the conductivity of the water. The data can be displayed either in conductivity units (microsiemens/cm) or in parts per million of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), using an operator-selectable conversion factor.

The TDS MENU is used to set automatic dumping (bleeding) of water when the dissolved solid concentrations becomes too high, selecting either a Conductivity or a TDS control setpoint to activate the dump valve. Backfilling of water is done simultaneously with a level control activated valve.

The Langelier Index calculates the saturation condition from the pH and Temperature sensor inputs and from manual data entry for Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness. The water saturation condition is constantly displayed on the Main Screen as either "OK", "Scaling" or "Corrosive" using standard Langelier Index limits. If a scaling or corrosive condition develops, it is immediately indicated with a flashing display on the Main Screen. "What if" analyses can be run at any time by manually entering different values for alkalinity, calcium hardness, pH and temperature.

Up to three different types of chemical additives - such as inhibitor and biocides for cooling towers - can be programmed separately for automatic addition as a function of time, bleed activation, pH control activation or cumulative flow rate.


Temperature Sensor readings are displayed either in degrees Farenheit or Celsius and used to control the heater.

The TEMPERATURE MENU is used to set the heater control to Manual or Automatic using a programmable seven-day schedule with separate daily ON and OFF times. The energy saver program is used to lower the water temperature during hours when the facility is not in use, thereby rea lizing substantial savings on heating costs.


The SETUP MENU is used to modify the configuration parameters for initialisation, operations and communications from their initial defaut values. These values can be changed at any time or restored to the original default values.


Installation of the CHEMTROL® PC5000 controller is quite simple, as shown on the schematics below.  To facilitate specification and field-installation, the following schematic drawings are offered in several formats: to be printed directly on a printer (acrobat reader pdf), or to be inserted directly into CAD drawings (AutoCAD format).

NOTE: With all models, the optional bypass line assemblies (Options BPL, FCA or SCA) are highly recommended to assure proper water sampling and sensor performance, as shown on the schematic below. The CHEMTROL® PC5000 controller includes the bypass line assembly (Option BPL).


Schematic of Installation


Links to the drawings are listed below to support architects and engineers for preparation of their Requests for Bids.  Several formats are offered so that they can be easily viewed/printed directly on a printer (Acrobat Reader format) or inserted directly into CAD drawings (AutoCad format).


Technical brochures are always available free of charge by calling our office. For faster service, you can print good quality customer brochures on your own printer from the following Acrobat file.

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