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Conductivity Screen

The CONDUCTIVITY MENU is used to monitor the concentration of dissolved solids in the water.

The data can be displayed either in conductivity units (microsiemens/cm) or in ppm of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), using an operator-selectable conversion factor.

The CONDUCTIVITY MENU includes allow monitoring and control of the conductivity or TDS levels, with selection of:

The CONDUCTIVITY MENU is used to set automatic replacemet (dumping or bleeding) of water when the conductivity becomes too high, selecting a control setpoint to activate the dump valve. Backfilling of water is done simultaneously with a level control activated valve.

Up to three different types of chemical additives - such as inhibitor and biocides for cooling towers - can be programmed separately for automatic addition as a function of time, bleed activation, pH control activation or cumulative flow rate.

For more technical information, see Water Balance  and Saturation.

PC6000 Main Screen    PC3000 Main Screen

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