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Even though sensors may be mounted directly on the main recirculation line (2" only), it is recommended to install them in a Flow Cell Assembly (FCA) or in a Sensor Cell Cabinet (Wetbox), or even on a simple Bypass line (BPL). In addition to easier installation and maintenance, this provides better protection and security as well as ensures a smooth flow of water around the sensors.

Listed below are several types of installation with links to drawings that can be used by architects and engineers in the preparation of Requests for Bids. Several formats are offered so that they can be easily viewed (html format below), printed directly on a printer (Acrobat Reader format) or inserted directly into CAD drawings (AutoCad format).

CHEMTROL® Flow Cell Assembly (Option FCA)

  • Easy installation on bypass line,
  • pH and ORP sensor fittings,
  • Fitting for conductivity sensor,
  • Clear viewing port,
  • Two (2) flow control valves and sampling spigot,
  • Anti-air block line,
  • For new installations or upgrades.





Flow Cell Dimensioning


CHEMTROL® Wetbox - Sensor Cell Cabinet(SCB)

Flow Cell Assembly (FCA) mounted inside sturdy and lockable cabinet for safety and security.



Sensor cell for PPM SENSOR for Free Chlorine.









Bypass Line Dimensioning

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