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The following DOS demo programs are avaible for Windows-based computers:

  • CHEMTROL® PC6000/PC3000 demo program

  • CHEMTROL® PC2000 demo program

  • Savings Analysis Program to estimate savings on aquatic facility chemicals, labor and maintenance resulting from automation (includes printed report for facility manager)

  • CHEMTROL® CT6000/CT3000 demo program

  • CHEMTROL® CT2000 demo program


To obtain these demo programs, call our Sales Office at 1-800-621-2279 or send us an e-mail at your name and complete address. And we will mail you our CD-ROM.


To run the demo programs from the CD-ROM:

  • From your computer desktop, click the START button and select RUN

  • Then, in the command line box, type d:\demos\demos.exe

  • If your CD-ROM drive is assigned another letter, use it instead of "d"