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Modern telecommunication technology now enables effective supervision of multiple or remote facilities from any office equipped with a telephone or a computer.

The Chemtrol® PC controller can be accessed remotely by computer and modem or by telephone to receive a voice status report or to modify the operational settings. The controller can also automatically dial up to three different phone numbers to send a voice message for alarm warnings.

Remote computer access is done with the Chemcom® software program, a proprietary program for Windows. The user-friendly, menu-driven program includes the dual capability of virtual remote operation and automatic scanning of multiple facilities.

Remote Computer Operation:

In virtual operation, the remote computer screen displays an exact duplicate of the actual controller screen with full access to all the menus and submenus. All control commands are available to the remote operator - subject to password authorization. Test data that has been logged in the controller memory can be downloaded for printing directly to a local printer or for saving to a data file enabling retrieval and analysis at any time.

The remote control feature is ideal for real-time remote supervision by management or maintenance personnel. It also allows remote servicing of the controller by a Chemtrol® Qualified Dealer and by our Technical Support Deparent.

Automatic Computer Scanning:

With automatic scanning, the program automatically calls all the active facilities by modem to receive current, real-time test data from the controller display screen. Any number of remote facilities can be called sequentially or individually. Scanning schedules can be set for continuous cycles, for fixed intervals or for set times. Scanning can be run in the background under Windows or can be connected to an external master program, such as a building maintenance program.

The test data is displayed on the computer screen and stored simultaneously on data files where they remain available for analysis at any time. Out-of-range conditions at any of the remote facilities are alerted on the computer screen with a flashing display and optional audio alarm.

Telephone Access:

The Chemtrol® PC controller can be accessed at any time by touch-tone phone to obtain a voice status report of current readings and operational status. The operational settings can also be modified, subject to password identification.

Telephone Alert:

Up to three pre-selected emergency phone numbers can be entered in the Chemtrol® PC controller for automatic dialing and report of alarm conditions. The controller sequentially repeats the voice alarm message until one of the phones is answered with a valid password. Santa Barbara Control Systems (SBCS), a California Corporation founded in 1976, is headquartered in an 8,000-square foot corporate building conveniently located near the US 101 Freeway and the Santa Barbara Airport.