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Welcome to the Web site of Santa Barbara Control Systems, the manufacturer of the CHEMTROL® line of automatic controllers for integrated water treatment in pools, spas and industrial applications (see The Company).

We have designed this Web site to provide useful information to all water treatment professionals, including architects, engineers, builders, contractors, distributors, dealers as well as managers and operators of aquatic facilities or water treatment plants.

The site includes a TECHNOLOGY section with a discussion of the basic principles of Chemical Automation and of the new technologies of Integrated Water Treatment and Remote Operation.

In the PRODUCT LINE section, all the current model CHEMTROL® Controllers are featured with photographs, specifications ans schematics of installation. You can view this information on screen, print it on your own printer or obtain hard copies by contacting us by Email for Brochure Requests.

In the CUSTOMER SUPPORT section, architects and engineers can print or download the Bid Specifications for the controllers to assist them in the design of new or remodeled aquatic facilities. Pool and spa dealers can get information on the product line and on how to become Qualified Dealers. All users and operators of CHEMTROL® Controllers have access to free Customer Support.

Look also for getting Free Software which is included in the CHEMTROL.ZIP file, designed for easy transfer into your own computer. It includes the SETUP.EXE program for easy unzipping of the compressed file.

The CHEMTROL.ZIP file includes two demonstration programs, one for the new CHEMTROL® PC Programmable Controller and the other one for the CHEMCOM® Remote Access system, the only true duplex on-line operation for remote computers under DOS or Windows (see Remote Operation).

The CHEMTROL.ZIP file also includes the bid specifications for individual controllers in ASCII text format readable by any word processor plus engineering drawings, both in AutoCAD format and in TIFF image format for easy reproduction.

Also available free of charge to pool and spa professionals is our proprietary computer Savings Analysis program to estimate the savings resulting from automation for specific customers and facilities.

We hope that you will find our Web site both useful and informative. Please email us at your comments and suggestions on items that you would like to see included.

The CHEMTROL® Staff thanks you for your visit.

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