Around the world

CHEMTROL® around the world

We have been innovating in chemical and water treatment systems for 40+ years, with over 100,000 CHEMTROL® controllers installed worldwide, helping keep water clean and safe at all times.

CHEMTROL® is the preferred controller of many facilities around the world, with multiple units installed at the following locations:

  • Aquatic facilities at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas (USA)
  • Beijing Aquarium (China), the world’s largest inland aquarium
  • Great Wolf Resorts (USA), the world’s largest chain of indoor water parks
  • Pools, spas and fountains of the Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas (USA)
  • Aquatic facilities at the Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island, Nassau (Bahamas)
  • Pools, spas and fountains of The Mirage Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas (USA)
  • Aquatic facilities at Kalahari Lodge, (Africa)

BELLAGIO Hotel Casino in Las Vegas

Located on The Strip next to The Mirage and Treasure Island
Water chemistry control and automated filter backwash for the magnificent pools, spas and fountains is assured by CHEMTROL® PC6000 controllers.

The photos below show several of the aquatic facilities and equipment rooms.

City Heights swimming pool – San Diego Parks

Assured with CHEMTROL® PC6000 programmable controller.


Assured with 9 units of CHEMTROL® PC3000 Programmable Controllers

ATLANTIS HOTEL on Paradise Island, Nassau in the Bahamas

Water treatment for the beautiful ATLANTIS HOTEL aquatic facilities is assured by 8 units of CHEMTROL® PC3000 Programmable Controllers.


Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix, AZ 

Equipped with 4 CHEMTROL® PC2100 Programmable Controllers: wave pool, kids pool, main pool and spa.

The Great Escape in Lake George, New York.

CHEMTROL® PC3000 Programmable Controller: The standard bypass line assembly located below the controller cabinet shows the in-line flow-meter, the conductivity/temperature sensor, the ORP and pH sensors in the sensor cell, the safety flow switch, the sampling tap, and the shutoff valves.