Liquid Level Monitoring

Control and monitor your tanks liquid level with CHEMTROL® programmable controller over the web

We know that you need to have control on your tanks liquid level 24/7, which is why our range of programmable controllers all have remote access capability.

With our remote operation function you can obtain your tanks liquid level online and get alerts via email or text messages when refill should take place

What is required?

  • CHEMTROL® PC110 programmable controller
  • Internet connection
  • Multi-Function Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitter with a 4-20 mA signal output

CHEMTROL Programmable controller model PC110

The CHEMTROL® PC110 is a fully programmable controller designed for industrial applications. Fiberglass waterproof cabinet comprises with web-access electronics to monitor and control multiple liquid level tanks at remote sites 24/7.

From any computer you can simply log-in to our web-server and obtain your liquid level tanks online. A true duplex operation technology where the controller display is mirrored on your computer/ mobile and allows real-time supervision of all active sites at a glance, as well as getting alerts via email or text messages when tanks refill should take place.

Available for Android and Apple devices with CHEMTROL® mobile App.

Tank level application

The CHEMTROL® PC110 controller offers a seamless solution for tank liquid level applications with the Multi-Function Ultrasonic Level Transmitter series.

  • Continuous level measurement up to 3m

The EchoPod® DL24 is a non-contact liquid level sensor, well suited for corrosive, sticky or waste liquids, and is selected for IBC or drum, cooling tower, day tank, skid or machine, open channel and chemical feed applications.

Provides continuous level measurement up to 3m with a 4-20 mA signal output. Since it is a current signal, almost any cable length could be wired to the transmitter and the controller will get the signal.

  • Continuous level measurement up to 10m

We provide non-contact liquid level sensors, ideally suited for corrosive, sticky or waste liquids, and is selected for bulk storage, tanker truck, day tank, process tank, waste sump, neutralization tank, open channel, chemical feed and clarifier applications. These general purpose ultrasonic transmitters provide continuous level measurement up to 10m with a 4-20 mA signal output.

Programmable Menu:

– Low alarm set-point
– High alarm set-point
– Email notification of low/high alarms
– SMS-Text notification of low/high alarms
– Chemical level status per site when log-in to the web-server.

Remote monitoring

Our range of programmable controllers allow you to connect using a variety of wired and wireless technologies, to ensure you can connect and access your data 24/7.

In terms of connecting the controller, this can be achieved via a wired Ethernet cable or by using a wireless connection with a compatible 4G router.

Wired connection

Think of the controller as your own laptop, and by connecting it to a live Ethernet cable from your local network it has access to the internet.

Wireless Control Using a Router

Your controller can also be connected via a compatible 4G router* with an Ethernet cable.