Chemtrol Product - pH/ORP Sensors
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pH/ORP Sensors

CHEMTROL® pH/ORP sensors 

Designed for rugged pH/ORP service applications, the bodies of these electrodes are made from impact resistant epoxy tubing. The electrodes are designed with Ag/AgCl gel-filled/ sealed reference and dual ceramic pin wicks to offer excellent results with minimum maintenance. They also include low noise coaxial cable with dual shields.

The pH electrodes utilize a GP bulb glass, featuring fast response over the range of 0–12 pH. The ORP electrodes include a solid platinum band fused to its bulb glass for optimum reading.
The electrodes can be used continuously 0–60°C, and intermittently up to 100°C. Maximum pressure is 60 PSI.


  • The sensors are made from impact resistant epoxy tubing, ceramic and glass.
  • The dual ceramic pin wicks design help resist clogging and perform longer.


pH Range: 0–14 pH Range
ORP Range: 0-999 mV
Temp Range: 0–60ºC
Max Pressure/Temp 60 psig at 60ºC
Reference Ag/AgCl
Wetted Materials Epoxy, Ceramic and Glass
Standard cable length 3 meter