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  • The Importance of Corrosion Monitoring

    We pair our controllers with several options for corrosion-rate monitoring. Avoid Costly Maintenance, Downtime and Repairs  If you run an industrial facility, including cooling towers and blast chillers, you will be familiar with the danger that corrosion can cause to your equipment.  In cooling towers and chillers the heat exchange tubes can be severely damaged […]

  • CHEMTROL® Controllers Are 5G Compatible

    5G Compatible We are pleased to announce that our range of controllers are compatible with 5G, the next generation mobile technology currently being rolled out.  5G offers more capacity, superior reliability and faster connections for any connected devices.  This is in addition to the other connectivity options available including utilising a wired connection (Ethernet), WiFi […]

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    Understanding total cost of ownership (TCO) when purchasing Chemtrol controllers Are you planning on making an investment in your facilities water treatment, chemical automation or water chemistry capabilities? Then you need to research the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an item before you spend a cent of your budget. Let’s first define TCO before […]

  • Dual Boiler Controller With Remote Monitoring Capability

    Dual blowdown control system with remote monitoring capability Simple, Reliable and Flexible Easy to install and operate, the Chemtrol® BT112 automate control of dissolved solids in two boilers simultaneously. This programming enables water sampling to be set at programmable intervals, and allows small and medium-sized boilers to be maintained without significant efficiency loss. Pressure range to 250 psi at 205ºC Sensor watted materials: SS […]

  • Sustainability: Cooling Towers

    Sustainability and Cost Benefits of CHEMTROL® Controllers: Cooling Towers Installation of CHEMTROL® programmable controllers for cooling towers    Cooling towers by their very nature consume water as they perform their function of evaporative cooling. This is primarily via bleed, evaporation, makeup and drift losses. For large facilities this can be one of the highest water-use […]

  • Sustainability: Swimming Pools and Spas

    Sustainability and Cost Benefits of CHEMTROL Controllers: Swimming Pools and Spas With temperatures and energy bills on the rise we all need to come up with smart solutions to mitigate these impacts on the environment, not to mention increasingly stretched budgets. A major part of devising a sustainable solution should start with identifying what your energy […]

  • Cooling towers and Legionella

    Cooling Towers and Legionnaires’ disease: Control, Monitoring and Prevention Recent cases of Legionnaires’ disease have highlighted the need for cooling towers used in conjunction with large HVAC systems and industrial cooling processes to be appropriately maintained and monitored.    What is Legionnaires’ disease? Legionnaires’ disease is a severe infection of the lungs not dissimilar to […]

  • Web Server Upgrade

    CHEMTROL® Web Server Upgrade Adds New Features and Functionality CHEMTROL has implemented a new server upgrade, which gives your controller improved functionality and features. These improvements are designed to give you the capability to view and monitor a wide range of parameters and data, track trends and investigate any potential issues. You can now: Customise […]