• CHEMTROL® Controllers Are 5G Compatible

    5G Compatible

    We are pleased to announce that our range of controllers are compatible with 5G, the next generation mobile technology currently being rolled out. 

    5G offers more capacity, superior reliability and faster connections for any connected devices. 

    This is in addition to the other connectivity options available including utilising a wired connection (Ethernet), WiFi (including multiple controllers sharing a single connection) and 4G LTE.

    Our controllers range can also be configured to communicate with facility Building Management Systems, using open protocol languages such as Modbus IP, Modbus RTU, BACnet IP, BACnet MSTP and LonWorks. 

    What is 5G?

    5G wireless technology is the next generation wireless network which offers high speeds, faster downloads, superior reliability and ultra low latency. It is significantly faster than 4G, has more capacity and uses the wireless spectrum better than 4G.  

    To take advantage of 5G you need compatible devices, as well as a plan that includes access to the 5G network, which is rolling out in selected areas.

    5G: Integrated with Chemtrol

    Our range of controllers come integrated and ready to go with the 5G router, which sits inside the controller cabinet. This is a seamless and robust solution, as all components are installed in one box, and it operates the same way as our 4G network solution.

    You can also use the controller as a stand alone unit or in a shared setup where multiple controllers are connected via one router using WiFi.