• Dual Boiler Controller With Remote Monitoring Capability

    Dual blowdown control system with remote monitoring capability

    Simple, Reliable and Flexible

    Easy to install and operate, the Chemtrol® BT112 automate control of dissolved solids in two boilers simultaneously. This programming enables water sampling to be set at programmable intervals, and allows small and medium-sized boilers to be maintained without significant efficiency loss.

    • Pressure range to 250 psi at 205ºC
    • Sensor watted materials: SS 316 electrode and Teflon O-ring insulator
    • Adjustable set-points and Remote Alarm
    • SS 316 Isolation valves with Black carbon steel connection part
    • Remote access capability with CHEMTROL® mobile app/ laptop, so you can control and monitor your facility 24/7
    • Automatic Data Logging, status reports, graph display, and automatic alerts by email and text messages
    • Pulsing water meter input with up to three chemical feed programs
    • Optional BMS module, Modbus and BACnet protocols available
    • A generous, industry-leading 5-year electronics warranty on the controller