Why Chemtrol

Need some reasons why you should consider installing our product range?


Our ongoing research and development we conduct at our California lab, ensures our controllers have industry-leading reliability with low maintenance requirements. Together with the rigorous quality control we undertake throughout our product development process, we are confident to offer a 5 year electronics warranty across our product range. Together this helps ensure precise control of water quality at your facility 24/7.


Our controllers offer complete automation for water chemistry (pH, ORP, TDS and chlorine residual measurement PPM, as well as saturation and water balance control.

Our solid state PPM SENSOR features superior precision and control of free chlorine levels, with a selective membrane that provides direct readings of free chlorine in water, as well as a Dynamic Warning System which instantly alerts the operator in case of ORP or pH probe failure.


All CHEMTROL® controllers are programmed with a ‘Chemical and Energy Saving Program’ that is designed to reduce operating costs. This has sustainability and efficiency benefits for your facility, including:

  • Water savings
  • Energy savings
  • Longer equipment life
  • Reduced maintenance costs over time


We know that you need to control and monitor your facility 24/7, which is why our range of programmable controllers all have remote access capability. With the remote operation function any number of facilities can be controlled and monitored from your computer or via our App, available for Android and Apple devices.

This software also offers true duplex operation with identical screens on both the controller and your computer or mobile device. This is particularly useful for remote monitoring, operator training and troubleshooting, as well as real-time control of all operating functions including status reports and automatic alerts by email or text messages. This also allows real-time supervision and remote troubleshooting by any CHEMTROL® qualified/ authorised representative.


Our range of microprocessor-based controllers are the result of 40+ years of water treatment and chemical automation research and development. With 100,000+ installations worldwide our equipment is relied upon to guarantee clean and safe water for clients across a wide array of applications. This includes domestic swimming pools and spas, as well as commercial applications such as public/municipal swimming pools, resort aquatic facilities and even aquariums. Commercial and industrial applications including cooling towers, boilers, water purification and sanitation systems.


Our controllers have kept millions of bathers and the general public safe, ensuring consistent disinfection under varying conditions and regulations. This is especially critical when mandatory public health obligations must be met. And with all control, monitoring and communication functions accessible from a single integrated command centre, you have complete peace of mind of your water treatment control and chemical automation needs.


Our sales team and technical experts will work with you to help you select the best controller for your specific facility. Our PC programmable controllers also include web-based access that allows our technical staff to offer remote support, and operate your controller as if they are actually on site with you.


If you are a pool owner, swimming pool builder or operate/manage a municipal/commercial facility and your priority is a healthy environment and the safety of your clients, then get in touch to learn more.

Get in touch for advice on the best controller for your needs. Our selection chart can also help you decide what features you need and which CHEMTROL® controller is right for your application or facility.