Automated Chloramine Treatment


The CHEMTROL® AUTOMATED CHLORAMINE TREATMENT (ACT) program is designed to solve the problem of chloramine odors in indoor natatoriums with limited supply and recirculation of fresh air. This can be easily done by programming a CHEMTROL® PC Programmable Controller for automatic addition of POTASSIUM MONOPERSULFATE (PMPS) and/or an ENZYME solution.


  • IMPROVES AIR QUALITY for natatoriums,
  • Works with all forms of chlorine (not just tablet feeders),
  • No need to change chemicals,
  • Less expensive to operate than other systems,
  • Proven technology with five years of field experience,
  • Works with all CHEMTROL® PC controllers,


The programmable addition of an oxidizer together with a sanitizer has been available on CHEMTROL® PC3000 and PC6000 controllers.

PMPS is a strong oxidizer that is used to destroy chloramines in water. In the ACT system, the required amount of PMPS is calculated and added automatically by using one of the daily or weekly timers of the CHEMTROL® PC controller.

The addition of enzymes is designed to reduce the builup of organics that swimmers introduce in the water, i.e. lotions, oils, makeup, etc.


The PMPS feeder can be set to trickle feed at the same time as the chlorine feeder or independently based on calculated need. For best results, it is recommended to add a minimum of 15% of fresh air to the building every day. It is also recommend to control the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level by refilling the pool with fresh water at the rate of 1% of pool volume per day or about 10-ga (35 liters) per bather per day, whichever is higher.