A saltwater pool uses a chlorine generator to produce chlorine instead of the traditional method of adding it directly to your pool. Chlorine generator converts dissolved salt (NaCl) to the optimal amount of chlorine via electrolysis.

Chlorine Salt Generators

Chlorine Salt Generators or Electrolytic Generators are used to produce chlorine on-site by electrolysis of a Sodium Chloride NaCl solution. It should be noted that electrolytic generators do not replace chlorine. It is just that the chlorine is produced on-site instead of being added as liquid chlorine or other forms of chlorine. In all cases, the active form of chlorine is still Hypochloric Acid, HOCl.

There are two types of generators:

  • Brine Generators that use a brine solution located outside of the pool and inject the chlorine in the pool,
  • On-line generators that require the addition of salt to the pool itself, usually in the 2,000-3,000 ppm range.

The main advantages of using an electrolytic generator are cost and ease of maintenance. The disadvantages are caused by corrosion problems due to the salt content in the pool and the difficulty of automation.

Automation of Chlorine Salt Generators

Historically, chemical automation of pools with on-line chlorine generators has been difficult.

ORP sensors can be used to monitor the Oxidation-Reduction Potential of the chlorine produced by the generator. However there are problems associated with stray electrical currents and by the generation of nascent hydrogen. As a result, the ORP sensor ceases to function properly.

Replacing platinum ORP sensors with gold sensors works sometimes but cannot be guaranteed for every situation.

Until now, there were also similar problems with PPM sensors.

CHEMTROL® PPM Sensors for Chlorine Salt Generators

To solve this problem, CHEMTROL® has now introduced a new line of PPM SENSORS specifically designed for Salt Chlorine Generators. Using proprietary membrane-less technology, PPM concentrations can now be measured accurately and reliably.

Two ranges are available 0-10 PPM and 0-2 PPM

These sensors are now available for both CHEMTROL® models: CH255 /CH265 digital controllers, and the programmable controllers (PC) range.