Keeping Cooling Towers Safe

If you have already installed a Cooling Tower, you know that spending a fortune is unavoidable. Protect your investment with a water treatment solution

If you have already installed a Cooling Tower, you know that spending a fortune is unavoidable.
Do you really want your tower to look like this?

  • Biological Fouling

  • Chiller Covered with Scale

  • Heat exchange damaged by corrosion

Protect your investment 

Cooling Tower Efficiency Maintenance: Conductivity is measuring the solids in the Water.
Solids Too High, Efficiency Too Low.

Then replace basin water with fresh water.

–  Properly maintained Chiller

Prevent Corrosion

Corrosion in the heat exchange area causes significant loss of efficiency and reduces the life of the tower and the chiller.

–  These heat exchange tubes have been severely damaged by corrosion

Increase Cycles of Concentration:

a)   Maintain Balance Between pH and Conductivity
b)   Maintain Low Enough pH to Eliminate Scale Formation
c)   Increase the conductivity level before opening the bleed valve
d)   Water Usage is Dramatically Reduced

Prevent Biological Fouling

Occurs when the water environment in the tower and basin is not kept in check by chemical treatment

Taking action of three methods:

–   Timed Biocide Addition
–   Timed Biocide Addition with “Shock” Cycles at Regular Intervals
–   ORP Control of Biocide Addition

CHEMTROL® Programmable Controllers for Cooling Towers 

Fully Automated Programmable Water Treatment Systems for Cooling Towers.

Engineered to Perform 

  • Based on Conductivity
  • pH control
  • ORP control
  • Remote monitoring with identical duplicate screens on both the controller and the computer
  • Dynamic probe sensor failure analysis for pH and ORP
  • Single shot feed program
  • Run time alarm
  • Pre-bleed & pH programs
  • Sensor rinse program
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Langelier Saturation Index
  • Fill valve control
  • Filter and pump control
  • 5-year electronic warranty