PC7000 Integrated Controller

A Fully Integrated Controller

The CHEMTROL® PC7000 is a microprocessor-based programmable controller for automated control of water chemistry and filtration.

With its new PPM sensor for Free Chlorine and duplex operation by remote computer, it is the most advanced and most complete command center for automated water treatment in swimming pools, spas, cooling towers and industrial water treatment.

Water treatment for swimming pools, spas and industrial applications requires the combination of a number of physical and chemical processes, including pumping, filtration, chemical treatment, heating and water replacement. Because the processing equipment is made by different manufacturers and controlled individually, installation and operation of the system is complicated and inefficient.

The CHEMTROL® PC7000 controller incorporates all the features of operating functions for monitoring, control and communications into a single integrated command center designed around a powerful microprocessor. The integrated Main Screen display enables the operator to supervise all the process functions at a glance and to quickly respond to any changing condition.

The CHEMTROL® PC7000 controller operates like a computer with full-screen displays and direct access to all menus and submenus. The front panel keypad is used to move up and down each menu and enter or exit the submenus. All operating functions can be easily modified from the keypad, including sensor calibration, control set-points, alarm levels and the programs for super-chlorination, sequential backwashing, chemical saving and energy saving.

  • For Dual PPM Controller with UV – PC7100 – please consult with CHEMTROL representative.

Exclusive PC7000 Features 

The CHEMTROL® PC7000 controller includes all the features of the PC6000 plus the new PPM Sensor for true monitoring and control of Free Chlorine.

Feed Control Manual, ON/OFF, Proportional Feed, Timer
Calibration 1, 2 or 3 points
Langelier Index Scaling and corrosion alert
Shock Program Superchlorination and dechlorination
Savings Chemical and energy saver programs
Failure Analysis Dynamic Probe Testing with sensor failure warning for ORP and pH
Data Logging On-board memory for 1,000 tests
Data Printing Real-time with data logging or downloading from storage memory
Units US and metric systems
Passwords Security protection with ten 5-digit codes with 3 different access levels
Clock 24-hour universal clock/calendar
Battery Maintains all settings in case of power shutdown
Warranty Five (5) years warranty on PC boards

PC7000 Technical Specifications

  • ORP readout in millivolts with programmable oxidizer feed control
  • SANITIZER readout in ppm or mg/l with programmable sanitizer feed control
  • pH readout with programmable acid and base feed controls
  • Temperature readout in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius with programmable heater control
  • Bypass line with in-line filter, flow meter, safety flow switch, two control valves and sampling valve
  • Sensor cleaning with programmable acid wash control
  • Remote alarm (hot or dry contacts)
  • Conductivity readout in microsiemens and TDS readout in ppm or mg/l with programmable dump valve control
  • Programmable Feed Control for three (3) chemical additives
  • Electronic Water Level Sensor with automatic fill valve control
  • Flow Sensor with saddle clamp mount
  • Seven-day main pump program
  • Two (2) pressure sensors (influent and effluent) in psi or kg/cm2
  • Six (6) relays for programmable sequential filter backwashing
  • Data/Voice/Communication Modem
  • CHEMCOM® remote computer software for Windows
  • Remote Telephone Control of activator modes
  • Telephone Alarm Callouts to six (6) memory-stored numbers
  • Rain and splatter proof NEMA Type 3R fiberglass cabinet.


  • OPTION ETHCOM: Full duplex remote computer operation with Ethernet / Web-access communication.
  • OPTION 420M: 4-20mA signal (4-channels) for monitoring display outputs.
  • OPTION BMS: Modbus/BACnet-protocol communication for Building Management Systems.


We want to make the installation of CHEMTROL® controllers as simple as possible. This is why we have everything mounted onto a customized assembly manifold ready for connection. This assures proper water sampling around the sensors and makes for a hassle free installation that minimizes the integration work needed to get your water treatment system up and running.

Bypass line assembly, PC7000 programmable controller


The Main Display Screen of the CHEMTROL® PC7000 Programmable Controller gives direct access to all the menus and submenus.  Navigation between the menus and inside the menus is easily accomplished with the four directional arrow keys. The numerical settings can be changed with the ten-key keypad.

The ORP MENU includes selection of the control mode (Off, Manual, Auto or Timer), sensor calibration (1, 2 or 3 points), setpoint level, high and low alarms, shocking and chemical saver programs. It also displays the run time for the current feed event and cumulative run time. Shock treatment can be initiated manually or under programmable weekly or multi-weekly schedules.

The SANITIZER MENU is used to control the chlorine or bromine level in terms of sanitizer concentration (parts per million or milligrams/liter), obtained by conversion from ORP and pH values using a proprietary algorithm or from an amperometric sensor. The sanitizer concentration readings can be calibrated to account for the effect of cyanuric acid stabilization. Superchlorination can be initiated manually or under programmable weekly or multi-weekly schedules.

The pH MENU is used in the same way to select the pH control parameters using either acid or base feed or both. It also includes an Acid Wash program for periodic injection of an acid rinse solution to clean the heads of the sensors.

SATURATION and WATER BALANCE: Proper control of saturation and water balance is required to maintain water quality and to avoid the development of scaling or corrosive conditions.

The TDS MENU is used to set automatic dumping (bleeding) of water when the dissolved solid concentrations becomes too high, selecting either a Conductivity or a TDS control setpoint to activate the dump valve. Backfilling of water is done simultaneously with a level control activated valve.

The Langelier Index calculates the saturation condition from the pH and Temperature sensor inputs and from manual data entry for Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness. The water saturation condition is constantly displayed on the Main Screen as either “OK”, “Scaling” or “Corrosive” using standard Langelier Index limits. If a scaling or corrosive condition develops, it is immediately indicated with a flashing display on the Main Screen. “What if” analysis can be run at any time by manually entering different values for alkalinity, calcium hardness, pH and temperature.

TEMPERATURE / HEATER CONTROL: Temperature Sensor readings are displayed either in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius and used to control the heater. The TEMPERATURE MENU is used to set the heater control to Manual or Automatic using a programmable seven-day schedule with separate daily ON and OFF times. The energy saver program is used to lower the water temperature during hours when the facility is not in use, thereby rea lizing substantial savings on heating costs.

PUMP AND FILTER CONTROL: Filtration control includes manual or programmable operation of the main recirculation pump and backwashing cycle using data input from the flow sensor and from the influent and effluent pressure sensors. With the PUMP MENU, the main recirculation pump can be set to Manual for continuous 24-hour operation or to Automatic with a seven-day schedule. Protection of the heater is assured with the adjustable fireman delay to allow for cooldown of the heater before water recirculation is stopped. The FILTER MENU is used to program the backwash schedule based on time cycle or on pressure differential. Multiple filters are backwashed in sequence with adjustable backwash and advance time for each filter.

The SETUP MENU is used to modify the configuration parameters for initialization, operations and communications from their initial default values. These values can be changed at any time or restored to the original default values.

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Remote Monitoring & Control

Our range of programmable controllers all have remote access capability, so you can control and monitor your facility 24/7.

With the remote operation function any number of facilities can be controlled and monitored from your computer, or via our mobile App. From a computer simply login directly via your browser using our web-server where the controller display is mirrored on your computer.

True duplex operation that allows real-time control and troubleshooting of all operating functions, including status reports, trend graphs and automatic alerts by email or text messages. You can also access and control your controller via our dedicated app, available for Android and Apple devices.

In terms of connecting your controller, this can be achieved via a wired Ethernet cable, WIFI signal, or by using a wireless connection with a compatible 4G or 5G router.

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