Probe Failure Analysis

Probe Failure Analysis

The CHEMTROL® programmable controllers range introduce a new proprietary technology (US Patent No. 6,657,546) called Probe Failure Analysis. Conventional controllers detect probe failure by waiting for an alarm condition to develop.

The CHEMTROL® controller features dynamic testing of the response of the ORP and pH sensors. This makes it possible for the controller to detect a probe failure immediately after the sensor fails to respond properly, therefore avoiding dangerous out-of-range conditions.

Benefit: This integrated technology will help you detect a probe failure immediately, and avoid a potentially critical situation developing.

Probe Monitor is a unique CHEMTROL® feature that allows dynamic  monitoring of the pH and ORP sensors to alert a probe failure as soon as it happens.

Other controllers have to enter an alarm condition in order to alert the operator. This could result in potential damage and liability.