The SETUP MENU is used to modify the configuration parameters for initialization, operations and communications from their initial default values.

These values can be changed at any time or restored to the original default values.

The SETUP MENU includes selection of:

  • Initial Setup
    • Language (English, French or Spanish)
    • Unit System (US or Metric)
    • Code number/ Passwords
    • Date and Time
    • Reading Averaging Rate
    • Data Logging Rate
    • Model Options
  • Operations
    • Audible Alarms
    • Bypass Line
    • Saturation Index
    • Printing of Reports
    • Reset (Complete or selective)
    • Battery Voltage
    • Dynamic Probe Failure Monitoring
  • Communications
    • Unit identification
    • 4-20 mA Output signals
    • Calibrate 4-20 mA
    • Alarm Callout
    • Network setup
    • WIFI setup