Chemtrol Product - In-line strainer
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In-line strainer

In-line strainer series

In-line Strainer Series, 20% Glass filled polypropylene body with EPDM gasket and Clear bowl.

A selection of 20, 50 or 80 mesh Stainless Steel Screen prevents from dirt and other industrial water debris to damage Probes, solenoid valves, re-circulation pumps as well as protecting the entire piping assembly.

Applications: Pool and Spa, Cooling towers, and Industrial water applications.


  • Type: In-line Poly strainer series
  • Connection Type:
    Regular size female 1/2 and 3/4″ / Large size female 1″
  • Top Material: Black Poly
  • Bowl Material: Clear nylon
    *Black poly bowl available upon request
  • Gasket Material: EPDM (red)
    *Viton (green) O-ring available upon request
  • Mesh Screen: 20, 50, 80 Mesh (915, 304, 178 micron)
    *100 mesh (80 micron) and 250 mesh (40 micron) available upon request
  • Filter Area: Regular size 17.33 (Sq In.) / Large size 29.73 (Sq In.)
  • Product Weight: Regular size 136 gram / Large size 408 gram

Replacement Screens 

20 Mesh 50 Mesh 80 Mesh

Replacement Gaskets 


Replacement Bowls 

Clear Nylon Bowl Black Poly Bowl

Regular size strainer


Large size strainer